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Leech Therapy in Reconstructive Surgery

Aug 8, 2011

Leech Therapy in Reconstructive Surgery

A video showing the salvage of amputated finger by leech therapy. For the video: click here

An Animal Heals Animals

Jan 4, 2011

For the article click here: The Medicinal Leech

His Subject: Highly Evolved And Exquisitely Thirsty

Feb 7, 2006

The tub full of leeches sat on a Table in Mark Siddall`s office at the American Museum of Natural History The leeches, each in inch long and covered in orange polka dots, were swimming lazily through the water. Click here for the article more
Stuck on you

Nov 4, 2004

Helen Pilcher wades in to find out how these creatures could help the arthritic. Clicke here for the article. Recent studies are pointing the way for new uses of an ancient treatment - leeches. more